Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Roller Coasters Business

ever think to make a Roller Coasters? even with a very minimal budget? then this may be your solution. in my country now so many business people this one entertainment. of course because our theme is a small business so we are talking about is not a magnificent Roller Coasters are numerous in Europe. Roller Coasters with the other version but still does not eliminate the entertainment it brings. they called her name-Odong Odong. Roller Coasters with a small size and power as a driving manual. customers are the children they met on the street, the required capital? not too much I think also the cost of engine maintenance that really frugal because this Odong Odong-run using manpower. if you want to try it?

Cart Vendors

cart vendors are businesses that nearly 75 percent done by the small community as the other alternativ when they should be excluded from the intense competition to enter an office or company. This business uses a box-shaped device with a pair of wheels and a tool holder while stopped serving customers. Usually traders prefer carts selling food than non-food business. Colors vary so there are always those who sell used carts selling the same food.
wagon traders began its activities in the morning, there are also some of them are just beginning their activities during the day, depending on the markets they face in accordance with what they sold like breakfast food vendors began trading in the morning but for the traders they normally drink only warm launch activities in the afternoon until the evening. Each trader has his own route through each day. Perhaps the reason is more on the customers they already have or coached a long time.
Those who engaged in this business who do not usually have a standard of education or even above average, but not the least of them are also highly educated in business wrap it with a more luxurious touches like not around, use the tables neatly arranged that looks like a cafe. a price that can be reached by all circles.
So? still having trouble with your business or your current job? why not try it?

custom wedding

A wedding is celebrated with some kind of ceremony almost every where. There ceremonies very greatly among different nations and different religions. But whatever the form of a marriage ceremony, it serves that a male and female have been joined in matrimony.

The marriage is a civil and religious contract between the bride and groom. The religious ceremony and celebrations vary with the customs of the country in which the marriage is held.

In central java and in some other provinces, the ceremonies obey traditional rules. In front of the muslim priest the groom takes an oath. He will be responsible for the family life for the rest of his life. After getting the wedding license he is led into the hall to meet the bridge stop to throw a roll of beteleaf at each other. Then the groom put his right foot on the chicken egg and crushes it. The bride in a squatting position washes the toes of the foot with clean water mixed with roses kept in a big bowl. This act symbolizes her faith.

The groom gives the bride a ring and slips the wedding ring into her right and slips the wedding ring into her right ring finger as a token of his love. Then the groom pours some rice into a piece of cloth put on her lap. It means that his income will be given to his family. The groom feeds her the food and the bride feeds him the food too. It means that all the income and possessions are shared together. After sometime the groom’s are invited by the bride’s parents. The couple sit flanked by the bridge kneels and presses her face to her parents’ knees and the groom’s and so does the groom. It means that they show respect and express great thanks.

After the main procession is over, the guests are entertained by “gambyong dance” “lambang sari dance”, and “karon sih dance”. The last dance symbolizes the couple’s harmony. They are expected to be in harmony.

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