Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Roller Coasters Business

ever think to make a Roller Coasters? even with a very minimal budget? then this may be your solution. in my country now so many business people this one entertainment. of course because our theme is a small business so we are talking about is not a magnificent Roller Coasters are numerous in Europe. Roller Coasters with the other version but still does not eliminate the entertainment it brings. they called her name-Odong Odong. Roller Coasters with a small size and power as a driving manual. customers are the children they met on the street, the required capital? not too much I think also the cost of engine maintenance that really frugal because this Odong Odong-run using manpower. if you want to try it?

Cart Vendors

cart vendors are businesses that nearly 75 percent done by the small community as the other alternativ when they should be excluded from the intense competition to enter an office or company. This business uses a box-shaped device with a pair of wheels and a tool holder while stopped serving customers. Usually traders prefer carts selling food than non-food business. Colors vary so there are always those who sell used carts selling the same food.
wagon traders began its activities in the morning, there are also some of them are just beginning their activities during the day, depending on the markets they face in accordance with what they sold like breakfast food vendors began trading in the morning but for the traders they normally drink only warm launch activities in the afternoon until the evening. Each trader has his own route through each day. Perhaps the reason is more on the customers they already have or coached a long time.
Those who engaged in this business who do not usually have a standard of education or even above average, but not the least of them are also highly educated in business wrap it with a more luxurious touches like not around, use the tables neatly arranged that looks like a cafe. a price that can be reached by all circles.
So? still having trouble with your business or your current job? why not try it?

custom wedding

A wedding is celebrated with some kind of ceremony almost every where. There ceremonies very greatly among different nations and different religions. But whatever the form of a marriage ceremony, it serves that a male and female have been joined in matrimony.

The marriage is a civil and religious contract between the bride and groom. The religious ceremony and celebrations vary with the customs of the country in which the marriage is held.

In central java and in some other provinces, the ceremonies obey traditional rules. In front of the muslim priest the groom takes an oath. He will be responsible for the family life for the rest of his life. After getting the wedding license he is led into the hall to meet the bridge stop to throw a roll of beteleaf at each other. Then the groom put his right foot on the chicken egg and crushes it. The bride in a squatting position washes the toes of the foot with clean water mixed with roses kept in a big bowl. This act symbolizes her faith.

The groom gives the bride a ring and slips the wedding ring into her right and slips the wedding ring into her right ring finger as a token of his love. Then the groom pours some rice into a piece of cloth put on her lap. It means that his income will be given to his family. The groom feeds her the food and the bride feeds him the food too. It means that all the income and possessions are shared together. After sometime the groom’s are invited by the bride’s parents. The couple sit flanked by the bridge kneels and presses her face to her parents’ knees and the groom’s and so does the groom. It means that they show respect and express great thanks.

After the main procession is over, the guests are entertained by “gambyong dance” “lambang sari dance”, and “karon sih dance”. The last dance symbolizes the couple’s harmony. They are expected to be in harmony.

puppet art from central java

wood carving is one the oldest crafts. people in jepara use teak wood to make decorative chairs. the chairs are made of wood and rattan. some of the balinese people are also very good at carving figures. for decades beautifully carved figures have been fashioned by folk artists. the asmat people in irian Jaya are also skilful at wood carving.
madura is home to fine carvings. carvers and artists from madura are mentioned in the stories and chronicles in the golden era of the majapahit kingdom. some carving from madura show chinese, middle Eastern, and even european influences. carvings from madura are not yet as popular as those from jepara and bali.
Mats, umbrellas, embroideries and women's wooden clogs from tasikmalaya, west java, are well-know throughout indonesia. and so are mats and embroideries from west sumatra.
the batik designs are one of indonesia most famous handicraft and have often been imitated by western textile designers. there are two kind of batik cloth, the firs one is decorated with designs drawn on the cloth and the second one is handstamped on the cloth as part of the batik dyeing process, solo, yogya, cirebon and indramayu, are very famous for the local batik handicrafts.
some people in yogya make and sell articles of silver. some others make and sell leather puppets
tourists who come to bandung usually visit cibaduyut. in southern bandung, to buy local made shoes. the shoes are not expensive and everybody can afford

How To Start Forex trading?

many argue that the forex trading more on luck than actual trade meaning, whether it is right or we do not prepare yourself before you actually go to a real trader

People become professional because of the experience, and not born gay. And how a "new entrants" into a professional is to continue to learn and develop skills.

To find answers to questions you may have, please see the FAQ (frequently asked questions). You can get a better appreciation in the currency markets by looking at Forex-Glossary, where the definitions of the terms of financial markets which are often used can be found there.

By visiting the financial forums, you can easily add your knowledge of financial markets and increase your professionalism in the field of internet-trading by reading and discussing the experience of other traders. When you find the answers to your questions from actual trader, you also get valuable experience from which useful in the real trading account.

You can do trading on a trading account InstaForex the truth, even during the learning process with the amount of money that is not so great. And this is the main benefit of InstaForex! You can do the actual trading while learning. Only works with actual trading accounts that can provide the expertise and the psychology of trading to individual traders needed for success in trade in the future with the amount of money is greater.

If this option does not suit your needs, InstaForex also offers consulting services during the week to answer any questions you have for doing trade with your account.

so do you ready to star forex trading to day, or still have to do some more improvements?

Century Bank Scandal

where the bank scandals next century will lead?? number of issues which have also involved government officials to make the issue any other motive for the government dropped the more powerful, but as this scandal what we all do not know the final result

Government rescue measures assessed by Century Bank Audit Agency (BPK) contain an indication of a suspected criminal. BPK audit allegedly revealed no change in terms of capital adequacy ratio (CAR) by Bank Indonesia to Century Bank can obtain short-term funding facility.

In addition, the CPC also found losses due to replace the Century Bank deposits belonging to one customer who embezzled U.S. $ 18 million. BPK audit results is determined semakia Parliament using questionnaires to investigate the rights of the funds requested clarification related to government provision of temporary capital of Rp 6.7 trillion. Previously, many mass media writes that funding for the bailout or a bailout.

Budi Rochadi, Deputy Governor of Bank Indonesia, said the fund Rp 6.7 trillion of which is used to improve CAR Century Bank. In addition, improving the liquidity condition of banks has changed Pearl's Bank, as paying bills and other bank customers. But in fact, more than 1,000 customers had not received their money back which reached a total of Rp 1.4 trillion.

Economic observers Drajad H. Wibowo refer to the BPK audit revealed that the inclusion of funds include funds to fill the Century Bank checking account at Bank of Rp 281 billion. In addition, interbank loan payments and third party funds amounting to Rp 4.018 trillion. "Surely the question a third-party funds are? Why Century Bank customers have received," said Drajad.

Then again flows where it flows? Correct campaign funds flowing into one political party. And can the right to use the Parliament poll reveals that the flow of funds? Watch the Barometer shows more in the 25 November 2009 edition of which also presents Maruarar Sirait of Struggle PDI faction, the Golkar Party politician Mark Melchias Mekeng, and the origin Ruhut Sitompul Democrat. Happy watching

hopefully the end of the end of the investigation was going on pure uphold justice, not a political compromise or a win / win solution

Monday, 1 March 2010

Chicken or The Egg is The First?

The question is as easy, but tricky when it answered the question with an answer so chicken to ask any person who would reverse with a slightly Awkward question "Would not chicken eggs come from?" And if the question otherwise. Perhaps this debate should be a long debate over the debate about scientific theories that have been a lot of other Refuted. This fact I'll give you two answer options
1. if chickens are creatures of 'generated' from chicken eggs that hatched
This explanation is there might be other creatures' birth chicken (an alien, or other perhaps?) Produced the first egg containing a chicken egg embryo that is the conclusions arising from the chicken first.
2. if definition of chicken eggs is eggs that are 'born' by chicken
There may be an explanation magic chicken that is not derived from eggs appeared suddenly and then 'give birth' eggs. So the conclusion is the first chicken came from an egg. (This is one of the beauty of mathematics because math can sometimes be used for 'misleading' people ...) So it's up to you to choose which answers ... Now how about this case
We choose the first answer, the egg came first the chicken
If only there was only 1 egg which later hatched a chicken, how the chickens next generation is born? Is not only one chicken, while the regeneration not need a partner?
We choose the second answer, the chicken came first from the egg
How if first appeared is a rooster? Did not have a female Laying chicken?
so how do you think? Did the chicken or the egg is first??

are you the one who had insomnia or just difficulty sleeping?

has been the last few years I had difficulty sleeping, most people say if you have disturbed sleep caused by the many thoughts and other factors that make it worse, all kinds of tips I want to know more for sure. The following is one of the factors that cause us sleepless nights

insomnia is poor quality sleep because of one or more of the following: difficulty sleeping, waking up frequently during the night and hard to go back to sleep, get up early and wake up at night but can not go back to sleep. There are two types of insomnia, the insomnia and chronic insomnia is instantaneous (transient and intermittent) insomnia is usually caused by stress, hormonal changes, a disturbance or body aches and certain medications. Insomnia which occurs in three nights or more a week within a month is considered chronic insomnia. One of the causes of chronic insomnia is depression.

Other Causes
Arthritis, kidney disease, liver disorders, asthma, Parkinson's disease, hyperthyroidism and other sleep disorders (narcolepsy, sleep apnea). Chronic insomnia is also influenced by behavioral factors, such as the misuse of caffeine, alcohol, night activities and suffer from chronic stress.

While insomnia is caused by a moment of stress, environmental noise, extreme temperatures, changes in the environment, problems sleeping schedule or side effects of treatment. Insomnia moment (transient and intermittent) does not require special care because some day you'll keudian sleep back to normal.

Usually, insomnia is the senior. They have difficulty sleeping or even can not sleep at all. Approximately 12-25 percent of older people reported suffering from chronic insomnia, but only less than 15% who do therapy.

Some behaviors that can cause you to suffer eternal insomnia, namely:
* Consuming too much caffeine
* Drinking alcohol before bed
* Smoking before bed
* Excessive nap in the afternoon or evening finger
* Repeatedly disturbed sleep or irregular

from her many more of these factors I believe that the disturbed sleep much better at the level of the mind. because I've done a kind of yoga for the mind is more calm and relaxed. and I managed to overcome ... so if you have other experiences to overcome difficulty sleeping? let's share

Is there any other Alternative boring bank

you ever think, why the banks in general have a boring atmosphere character? From one bank to another situation we face all the same, neat, comfortable, cool, and all so beautifully arranged. One thing that becomes a question in my mind is there a bank of more creative?? as well as many restaurants that have a lot of themes such as restaurant De Kas in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Which is located within the greenhouse, Restaurants Hospital in Latvia with the hospital atmosphere complete with her sisters. Tree Restaurant in New Zealand are not unusual design Peter Eising and Lucy Gauntlett of the Pacific Environments Architects, or perhaps Toilet Restaurant in Taiwan wow I can not imagine ... :)

why not? to remain present with safety and speed of transactions and why banks are not packaged with other themes as competitive alternative for customers. so what do you think??

Sunday, 28 February 2010


Ingredients :

200 grams kuetiau
50 grams of bean sprouts
1 small bunch Cay Sim, cut 2 cm wide
2 chicken breasts, cut box
150 grams of wet shrimp, peeled
Baso 10 pieces, each divided into 3 parts
5 red onions, finely diranjang
2 cloves garlic, crushed and chopped
3 tablespoons soy sauce
1 tablespoon soy sauce
Salt and pepper to taste
½ cup broth

How to Make:

Saute onion and garlic until fragrant. Enter the shrimp, chicken and baso. Stir until chicken and shrimp cooked. Add salt and pepper. Stir again to mix.
Add caysim and bean sprouts. Stir until wilted.
Enter kuetiau and soy sauce mix again until blended. Siramkan broth. Allow to penetrate. Lift.


Ingredients :

6 pieces of corn, boiled and then dipipil
150 grams grated cheese
1 fruit onions, finely chopped
2 cloves garlic, minced
½ teaspoons pepper finely
4 eggs, beaten to blend
1 can of Carnation milk (fresh)
1 can corned beef (can be replaced with 250 grams of minced meat)
4 pieces of bacon
2 tablespoons butter
Salt to taste

How to Make:

Saute onions, garlic, pepper and nutmeg and butter. Add the milk, grated cheese and salt. Allow to boil.
Pour corn, corned beef, stir to mix. Lift
Beat eggs and pour in batter newly appointed earlier. Mix well
Provide fireproof mold. Spread with butter. Pour the batter into it. Bake until done. Can be used to decorate the bacon that has been sliced.


You've heard of gado-gado? This one dish is a unique, gado-gado is a "mixed". food mixed with some vegetables and fruits do not forget sprinkled with herbs and spices blended to make delicious taste ... let's get started

Ingredients :

2 carrots, cut lengthwise 4 cm wide, boiled
1 small bunch spinach, boiled briefly
50 grams of cooked bean sprouts
1 small bunch long beans, cut according to taste, boiled
100 grams of minced peanuts
Spice 1 small pack pecai
2 plum tomatoes, divided into 6 parts
Fried onions to taste
1 slice of brown sugar
Salt to taste
Limes, to taste

How to Make:

Stir together beans, spices pecal, water and tomatoes. Stir until tomatoes destroyed.
Heat over low heat while adding enough water. Add salt and brown sugar. Stirring constantly until boiling.
How to present. Arrange all the vegetables in the dishes and flush with the marinade. Sprinkle with fried onions and cooperative with lime.

Saturday, 27 February 2010


Ingredients :
50 grams of meat snapper, roughly chopped
50 grams without the skin moist shrimp, coarsely chopped
50 grams of squid, roughly chopped
2 cloves green chillies
30 grams of dried shrimp, coarsely chopped
50 gram small crab meat
2 plates of rice
1 tablespoon fish sauce
Salt and pepper to taste
1 / 8 fruit pineapple small cubes

How to Make:
1. Heat 2 tablespoons oil and saute the meat snapper, moist shrimp, squid, dried shrimp and small crab until done. Add rice, fish sauce, salt and pepper. Stir until smooth.
2.Stir until slightly wilted pineapple. And lift and serve.


Ingredients :
500 grams of squid, skin removed
1 tablespoon se
same oil
1 tablespoon soy sauce
Salt and pepper to taste
1 stalk spring onion, finely

How to Make:
Mix together sesame oil, soy sauce, salt and pepper, leek, too. Soak the squid in it for 1 hour.
Fry in hot oil until cooked


Ingredients :
500 g minced chicken
2 minced chicken liver
1 egg
2 pieces of bread soaked in 1 cup hot milk
Salt and pepper to taste
1 tablespoon nutmeg
8 boiled eggs

How to Make :
Mix together minced chicken, minced chicken liver, eggs, bread that had been destroyed along with the milk, salt, pepper, and nutmeg. Mix well
Wrap the eggs one by one and wrap it with plastic or leaves and steam for 10 minutes
Fry until yellow. How to serve, cut a piece of 1 cm. Served with chili sauce bottle.

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