Monday, 1 March 2010

Chicken or The Egg is The First?

The question is as easy, but tricky when it answered the question with an answer so chicken to ask any person who would reverse with a slightly Awkward question "Would not chicken eggs come from?" And if the question otherwise. Perhaps this debate should be a long debate over the debate about scientific theories that have been a lot of other Refuted. This fact I'll give you two answer options
1. if chickens are creatures of 'generated' from chicken eggs that hatched
This explanation is there might be other creatures' birth chicken (an alien, or other perhaps?) Produced the first egg containing a chicken egg embryo that is the conclusions arising from the chicken first.
2. if definition of chicken eggs is eggs that are 'born' by chicken
There may be an explanation magic chicken that is not derived from eggs appeared suddenly and then 'give birth' eggs. So the conclusion is the first chicken came from an egg. (This is one of the beauty of mathematics because math can sometimes be used for 'misleading' people ...) So it's up to you to choose which answers ... Now how about this case
We choose the first answer, the egg came first the chicken
If only there was only 1 egg which later hatched a chicken, how the chickens next generation is born? Is not only one chicken, while the regeneration not need a partner?
We choose the second answer, the chicken came first from the egg
How if first appeared is a rooster? Did not have a female Laying chicken?
so how do you think? Did the chicken or the egg is first??


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