Tuesday, 2 March 2010

puppet art from central java

wood carving is one the oldest crafts. people in jepara use teak wood to make decorative chairs. the chairs are made of wood and rattan. some of the balinese people are also very good at carving figures. for decades beautifully carved figures have been fashioned by folk artists. the asmat people in irian Jaya are also skilful at wood carving.
madura is home to fine carvings. carvers and artists from madura are mentioned in the stories and chronicles in the golden era of the majapahit kingdom. some carving from madura show chinese, middle Eastern, and even european influences. carvings from madura are not yet as popular as those from jepara and bali.
Mats, umbrellas, embroideries and women's wooden clogs from tasikmalaya, west java, are well-know throughout indonesia. and so are mats and embroideries from west sumatra.
the batik designs are one of indonesia most famous handicraft and have often been imitated by western textile designers. there are two kind of batik cloth, the firs one is decorated with designs drawn on the cloth and the second one is handstamped on the cloth as part of the batik dyeing process, solo, yogya, cirebon and indramayu, are very famous for the local batik handicrafts.
some people in yogya make and sell articles of silver. some others make and sell leather puppets
tourists who come to bandung usually visit cibaduyut. in southern bandung, to buy local made shoes. the shoes are not expensive and everybody can afford


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