Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Century Bank Scandal

where the bank scandals next century will lead?? number of issues which have also involved government officials to make the issue any other motive for the government dropped the more powerful, but as this scandal what we all do not know the final result

Government rescue measures assessed by Century Bank Audit Agency (BPK) contain an indication of a suspected criminal. BPK audit allegedly revealed no change in terms of capital adequacy ratio (CAR) by Bank Indonesia to Century Bank can obtain short-term funding facility.

In addition, the CPC also found losses due to replace the Century Bank deposits belonging to one customer who embezzled U.S. $ 18 million. BPK audit results is determined semakia Parliament using questionnaires to investigate the rights of the funds requested clarification related to government provision of temporary capital of Rp 6.7 trillion. Previously, many mass media writes that funding for the bailout or a bailout.

Budi Rochadi, Deputy Governor of Bank Indonesia, said the fund Rp 6.7 trillion of which is used to improve CAR Century Bank. In addition, improving the liquidity condition of banks has changed Pearl's Bank, as paying bills and other bank customers. But in fact, more than 1,000 customers had not received their money back which reached a total of Rp 1.4 trillion.

Economic observers Drajad H. Wibowo refer to the BPK audit revealed that the inclusion of funds include funds to fill the Century Bank checking account at Bank of Rp 281 billion. In addition, interbank loan payments and third party funds amounting to Rp 4.018 trillion. "Surely the question a third-party funds are? Why Century Bank customers have received," said Drajad.

Then again flows where it flows? Correct campaign funds flowing into one political party. And can the right to use the Parliament poll reveals that the flow of funds? Watch the Barometer shows more in the 25 November 2009 edition of which also presents Maruarar Sirait of Struggle PDI faction, the Golkar Party politician Mark Melchias Mekeng, and the origin Ruhut Sitompul Democrat. Happy watching

hopefully the end of the end of the investigation was going on pure uphold justice, not a political compromise or a win / win solution


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